Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Schubert in Warm Mitte

Gazing at the partially blind mirrors in the Mirror Hall of Clärchens Ballhaus. Luisa Splett is playing Schubert for the Sunday morning concert.

This prolific composer was one of fourteen children and of humble background. His Wandern (walking/searching journey) ended at age 31. He wrote his last compositions while being consumed by syphilis in a freezing room...

It is Christmas now and the roses and cherry blossom are in full bloom in Berlin. Birds announce spring. White xmas can be viewed on screen.
The ubiquitous under floor heating of Mitte is keeping all 150m² penthouses at a controlled heatwave temperature. Cosy open fire places in these dwellings recreate the smog of yesteryear. Tropical orchids linger behind windows. The sound ecology is building sites, roaring cars and screaming children.

Humanity's journey or more appropriately race to the bottom is no longer at a wandern/ walking tempo, but is fossil fuel powered.