Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Tales, video opera, Beryl Korot, Steve Reich and Ensemble Modern

Go forth multiply, fill the Earth, subdue it, vandalize the Garden of Eden, then abolish man

runs the narrative of advanced human civilization

Three Tales is a video-opera in three acts (titled Hindenburg, Bikini and Dolly) in creative collaboration between  Beryl Korot (Video) and Steve Reich (Music) and  Ensemble Modern in the Konzerthaus Berlin

The mental screen of the video performance collages documentary materials depicting some of the integral accidents of our accelerated modernity. Techne not poiesis is the driving force of our progress. A hasty and aimless Can Do culture with no time or will to reflect on the desirability of their actions. Drifting from catastrophe to catastrophe. Man running amok in the anthropocene.